Reduce Pain Naturally    Lower Stress    Improve Sleep

Intelligent Movement Systems – Zoom Sessions Available

Reduce Pain Naturally    Lower Stress    Improve Sleep

Intelligent Movement Systems – Zoom Sessions Available

Reduce Pain Naturally    Lower Stress    Improve Sleep

Intelligent Movement Systems – Zoom Sessions Available

Reduce Pain Naturally    Lower Stress    Improve Sleep

Intelligent Movement Systems – Zoom Sessions Available

Welcome to Intelligent Movement Systems in metro Denver, Colorado.

Headed by Michael Driscoll – a long-time

Pilates, Feldenkrais & Gyrotonics practitioner/teacher

Intelligent Movement Systems helps people improve athletic performance, ease pain & learn better ways of moving for a healthier life. Check out our offerings in one-on-one sessions for Pilates, Feldenkrais & the Gyrotonic Expansion System.

Pilates, Gyrotonic & Feldenkrais | Movement That Revitalizes You!

Pilates in Denver


Looking for Pilates in Denver? Our Pilates Rehab Method is a low-impact exercise system that improves strength and flexibility for the whole body. We also offer Private Pilates Classes!

Stretch Muscles and Tendons


The Gyrotonic Expansion System is an exercise modality that guides users to simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles and tendons while also articulating and mobilizing joints.

Improve Movement


The Feldenkrais Method is a form of somatic education that uses gentle movement and directed attention to improve movement and enhance human functioning.

Download your IMS Health Questionnaire to get started

Download your IMS Health Questionnaire to get started

About Michael Driscoll

After 17 years of professional modern and jazz dancing, Michael Driscoll turned his talents to the world of fitness and rehabilitation. Driscoll’s dance background, plus certification training, allows him to apply his extensive awareness of movement to help people of all skills and fitness levels achieve their fitness or rehabilitation goals.

What others are saying

“My main goal when I started Pilates at Intelligent Movement Systems was to be able to get back up when I fell down.  After 22 sessions doing Pilates and Feldenkrais with Michael Driscoll at IMS, I achieved my goal of getting onto and off the floor without assistance.  In addition, my balance has improved so I feel more stable and confident when I take my daily walks..”

-Dr. Stewart Taylor, 96 years of age.

“Pliates training with Michael Driscoll has helped me develop strengthen and flexibility, which I needed for my new passion: marathon running. It’s a great tool to build long, lean muscles and prevent injuries.”

-Larissa Fedyk

I found Michael through a dear 97 year old friend of mine, Dr Stewart Taylor.  When he told me he had been going to Pilates for 9 months and it helped, I decided to call and make an appointment.  I did not even know the word Pilates, but a recommendation from this very conservative, professional man meant a great deal to me.  I am only 82, but I knew I needed help with balance, flexibility and maintaining strength.  I also had constant back pain in my low back.

While being introduced to the Pilates method during my initial sessions with Michael, I also learned that he is certified in several methods of movement education.  I have been working with Michael since October 2008, once a week and my constant back problem is nonexistent and my gardening that I love is once again enjoyable.  What Michael has helped me learn is better self-awareness of how my body works and moves.  As he tells me, ‘everything is attached’.  I may start each session tired and grumpy, but I always leave with a spring in my step feeling well and happy.”

-Ellen Brettell

Movement That Revitalizes
Pilates Denver
Stretch and Improve Muscles

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